Posted date: 21/April/2009

While one of the Kannada film songs says ‘Preethi Nee Illadhe Na Hyagirali…..here is a film that questions ‘Preethi Nee Shaswathana’. Time changes and so the theory also should change.

Another handsome youngster who is nearly six feet in height Akshay makes debut from the Kannada film ‘Preethi Nee Shaswathana’ that has eight melodious tunes from lyricist cum music director K.Kalyan. ‘Preethi Nee Shaswathana’ is all about loss of valuable energy. The energy loss in the youth gives a different meaning but what was later ascertained is that it is the expansion given to the word LOVE.

A model since three years Akshay Kumar who appeared in 5 to 10 ads, 200 ramp shows and hundreds of print ads plays the role similar to what he is in real life. He plays the creative head of an ad company. He falls in love and how his career takes a deviation despite of he knowing that he is not going to materialize his dreams is all about the film.

This is a beautiful love story and we have worked out a tight screenplay in two hours and 10 minutes says debutant director LN Murthy. The hero is in search of love and in that he goes on failing and loses his energy stock. The shoot has been completed in Sakleshpur and Bangalore and for our film K.Kalyan is the main pillar said director Murthy.

This is about manasina Maathu says the love poet K.Kalyan who has written eight songs and scored the music. In two questions the search of answer and in two answers searching a question is what the film ‘Preethi Nee shaswathana…. Yesudas, SPB, Chitra, Sonu, Udit, Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Goshal and others have rendered voice for the film he said. The young team has done a tremendous job and it is full of potentiality Kalyan complimented Ghruthan Entertainers the makers of ‘Preethi Nee Shaswathana’.

This is a ‘cute said story’ said actress Keerthi who is already in to three films and notable among them is ‘Jolly Days’. She is playing the first solo heroine in this film. This is a new team and new effort she said. Shobaraj, Siddaraj Kalyankumar, Gopi, Thimme Gowdru and others are in the cast. Veenus Murthy is the cameraman.

Editor Basavaraj the state award winner who edited the film Preethi…….disclosed he failed in his attempt to trace the climax while editing the film. I could not make the right guess of the climax he complimented director Murthy.

Producer R.Venkatesh an Engineering graduate is from the real estate is convinced with the very good screenplay of his maiden film Preethi Nee Shaswathana…..

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