Posted date: 1/March/2010

The noted producer with great commitment and go getting nature with conviction in tact producer Soundaraya Jagadish has every reason to smile and feel proud because of the major portion of ‘Appu Pappu’ completion at Cambodia. The central attraction is ‘Orangutan’ a female one of around 10 years makes this film ‘Appu Pappu’ very special to the Indian filmdom in total. A few costumes have been stitched for Orangutan. It was always kept happy to adjust to the shoot.

No other language film has shot a feature film with ‘Orangutan’ in India. The credit for first time capturing the mood, moments and some histrionics of Orangutan goes to Kannada cinema ‘Appu Pappu’. It has been expensive schedule of 30 days with 30 from the team of ‘Appu Pappu’ shooting in Cambodia. The expenses of Orangutan cost over Rs.1 crore according the sources. The support of the Cambodia government is very nice. The required medical certificate for Orangutan has been acquired. There is no need to get permission from the Animal Welfare Board here in India as the certificate we have is authentic.

Orangutan is moody and every activity is according to its whims and fancies. For every shot it had to be pleased with an apple or grapes, it had to be kept happily and the cooperation ‘Appu Pappu’ got from six trainers of Orangutan is great feels everyone. There were two doctors and translators for trainers for it at the time of shooting. It used to appear on the sets at perfect 9.30 am and used to go for lunch at 12.30. After 5.30 pm there was no shoot with Orangutan.

At the media briefing after the team reached Bangalore the team members shared their experience:

SOUNDARAYA JAGADISH – After MMM I have announced two films but the rigorous search for Orangutan made me to take up this film now. For making children film I went to Girish Kasaravalli, TS Nagabharana when I and Prathap decided to do a children film. Why not we try an Orangutan for children film was discussed in last March. In May 2009 announcement was also given. But the Orangutan in Malaysia, Thailand was not available because of swine flue and other reasons. At the last leg of search we tried in Cambodia. Traveling around all these places with five members in the team was hectic and during this search we also discussed with Ramesh Aravind to play father to my son Master Snehith. Finally we thought of doing in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and that made us to contact Abbas who agreed on the script.

We began shoot in Cambodia and thirty member team left worked very hard as the toughest was shooting with Orangutan. Six trainers, two doctors and two translators helped us and final day it was emotional for all us. In Cambodia they are not aware of the Indian language. We found the Indian flag missing at one important location. We did the Indian flag hoisting there and it was a memorable moment.

Now we have completed 60 percent of shoot and remaining 40 percent will be done in Bangalore.

DIRECTOR ANANTHARAJU – The previous birth of man is this animal Orangutan. It was interesting shoot with that animal. The orangutan is the main connecting point for the broken relationship. With the grandfather help Master Snehith goes in search of his father in Cambodia where he befriends with the animal. Master Snehith was not afraid at all. Rangayana Raghu was afraid. Master Snehith danced, brushed his teeth, had bath and slept with the Orangutan is a real treat to entire family audience. I am extremely happy for selecting me to direct and the dedication plus taste of the producer Soundarya Jagadish is extremely high and adorable.

HAMSALEKHA – Music director – This is an entertaining film. Not an art or complete in regular pattern. There is some western style in it. Prathap Prathapa has carried the film successfully so far. He knows the profession well. Komal Kumar should be a permanent comedian is what I feel. There is no death for comedian. In the days of moody and temperamental heroes who frisk away for a minute disturbance getting the work from Orangutan is the ‘Nijavadha Sadhane’. There are three entertaining songs. In addition to it there is a song on Hanuman and that is similar to Sri Manjunatha film breathless song. The song for Orangutan was purposefully thought and we are trying to rope in Amitabh Bachchan to sing a song a slow number. That is a song related to humanity.

MASTER SNEHITH – I thank my father, mother and sister for wonderful support I got to act in this film.

ABBAS – After ‘Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi’ 10 years later I am here in Kannada. I am born and brought up in Bangalore, I used to copy my third language Kannada exams and pass out in schools. Sorry I am not able to speak Kannada fluently and definitely next meet I will speak in that language.

On the experience of the film it is one huge family going to Cambodia and shooting was wonderful. When Pratap narrated the script I was surprised. What a wonderful thought going on in Kannada I felt. I had similar atmosphere in my ‘Anandam’ film. The Appu Pappu hero Orangutan and Master Snehith, the team, locations, producer belief in script, no compromise nature of the director and cameraman Krishna ability to work in any climatic condition are adorable.

KOMAL KUMAR – I play the trainer. I do lot of work for Orangutan as trainer. It was a female and very moody. It had to be appeased. It is a wonderful experience in my career and thank producer for giving the demanded remuneration and giving nice treatment in Cambodia.

RAMNARAYAN – the dialogues written are in natural style, there is no dialogue for Orangutan. The moments and behavior of it is understandable and jell with the story.

MADHURI – I had a good experience. It was a family trip. Master Snehith was so cool and friendly with Orangutan. It used to beat me but over all experience to cherish in memory.
PRATHAP – the Kothi adage comes to a few of us after this film and giving success for the producer is what important. The patience is what the utmost important shooting with Orangutan. We made actor Abbas to wait for days. The matching performance to Orangutan is given by Komalkumar. Master Snehith is in every scene with Orangutan. The film has different story and catching Orangutan for this film is a tough and unforgettable experience.

KRISHNA – Cameraman – Orangutan was like Amitabh Bachchan. It was so accurate and punctual on sets. At 9.30 it used to come and after it is tired no shoot at all. Komal Kumar got frightened when it opened its mouth but Snehith was immensely liked by Orangutan. Hamsalekhaji has given peppy tunes; I hope I have shot such songs to his satisfaction. It is a memorable film. Not only children the entire family can watch this film.

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