Posted date: 25/November/2008

Before kicking the bucket complete the list! This is about the ‘Bucket List’ film that has inspired Dinesh Baboo and Dr.Vishnuvardhana. An affluent man and a poor mechanic in the same hospital on the verge of death next to next find a list in the bucket on the ground that has some uncompleted tasks in life. Both together add on some more. The affluent says let us work together and complete the list because he has money. Mechanic responds. They complete the listed works they have written and then only kick the bucket. The urge to live till the completion of list becomes priority for

Another worthwhile story that Dinesh Baboo heard is from reputed journalist Mr Udaya Marakini. It is about the happenings inside a cinema hall. Marakini wants me to direct and I accept such challenges says Dinesh Baboo. Marakini has worked on minute things very cleverly impressed me said Dinesh Baboo.

Meanwhile he has accepted a quickie for Mungaru Male producer E.Krishnappa. The film would be shot in 10 days. Mr Garagasa was shot in nine and half days while Dinesh Baboo ‘Idhu Sadhya’ was shot in 48 hours long ago.

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