Posted date: 11/August/2009

The multi crore Kannada film ‘Raj The Showman’ has at last got the U and A certificate and all set to thrill the cinema audience from 14th of this month in Karnataka, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and 10 other countries simultaneously.

This film is foreseeing a biggest opening with 150 prints and ‘Raj The Showman’ the combination of two powers – Puneeth Rajakumar and Prem the director with strong track record created hype from the day they announced the film ‘Poli’ that was later changed as ‘Raj The Showman’.

With five of Dr.Rajakumar heroines appearing in a song the top five stars of Kannada cinema are also a part of a song in this film that created highest expectations. This is the P square and S square cinema! Puneeth Rajakumar and Prem is P square and Suresh Gowdru and Srinivasamurthy is S square.

After style king Rajanikanth’s ‘Sivaji’ this is the film made with 4K technology in Mumbai. What is another interesting aspect is the film tickets sold four days before the actual release on 14th of August.

The one line story of this cinema ‘Raj the Showman’ hat trick director Prem had disclosed to Dr.Rajakumar at the special show he arranged of ‘Jogi’ for him and Rajanikanth – Prem is feeling stupendously happy for the turn out of the film and the craze the film has generated.

The demand for this film is three times more than ‘Jogi’. Apparently director Prem’s short duration film is ‘Raj The Showman’. His Kariya, Excuse Me, Jogi and Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe’ were all nearing to three hours.

The film ‘Raj The Showman’ with the hero of Dr.Kiran of KIMS hospital is reaching the places like London, Bristol, Malaysia, Australia, Menblurne, Sydney, Dubai, New Zealand, European countries and Bangkok. Dr Kiran is going global with 10 prints of the film.

Raghavendra Rajakumar has found every point of this film going right. This he has observed when Puneeth his brother was discussing with him. To the extreme Prem loves his cinema and way of venture is what we should also take up is what Puneeth had told his brother Raghavendra.

Raghavendra Rajakumar had seen the Poojaris, officials in the railway department plus various corporate and business houses asking for ‘Raj the showman’ tickets. My mother Smt.Parvathamma is inquired for tickets Raghanna disclosed speaking to media persons.


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