Posted date: 20/November/2008

From the land of mining Bellary that is also known for scorching sun K.M.Vishwanath and G.Ravikumar with production designer Prathiba Shamshimath are venturing in to Kannada cinema. That is ‘Prem Kahani’ went on the floors on Wednesday morning at Kanteerava studios.

The launch of the first film of duo producers Vishwanath and G.Ravikumar was lavish indeed. From the entrance of Mahalakshmi Layout signal light the posters were erected and following it would lead to Kanteerva studios.

The ancestors of K.M.Vishwanath are in the mining industry since 1953. It is not that mining industry has receded he has come to cinema making but it was his passion from school days. Vishwanath who is also a photographer is basically a Jazz music player in his younger days and his pet music director is maestro Ilayaraja. Tuning the film songs of maestro he developed an idea to get the maestro when he takes up a film production. That has been his dream of 28 years fulfilling now. For his maiden production he has convinced the maestro and Ilayaraja the melody king of South India is tuning nine songs in the film ‘Prem Kahani’.

Vishwanath and Ravikumar have launched the film ‘Prem Kahani’ in the banner of Lakshmi Balaji production. In this banner they want to stay long. The minimum they are expecting is the return of the investment made on ‘Prem Kahani’. They have given full freedom to director R.Chandru of ‘Taj Mahal’ fame. Vishwanth seeks the support of everyone in the industry for his project and he has advised that nothing should go waste to his team members. In ‘Prem Kahani’ there is love, action, sentiments he says.

Ravikumar is content with the narration given by director R.Chandru. He knows Ajay Rao from a long time. The song tunes composed by the maestro Ilayaraja have come out very melodious added Ravikumar.

Ms Prathiba Shamshimath is the cousin of producer Vishwanth looking after the production designing of the film. She is from the troupe of Shiamak Davar institute. She has done corporate shows and conducted events. No room for any problems in shaping up the film is my responsibility says Ms Prathiba.

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