Posted date: 24 Tue, Nov 2020 06:09:51 PM

With extremely good response to first Kannada release after eight months for ‘Act 1978’, here is another Kannada film with some divine thoughts told in straightforward style by director Shivakumar who is also lead actor in this film.

The emphasis of this film is to bring awareness. You will know why it is ‘84’ in the film. Who is not with ‘Mukhavada’ in life? There is positive and negative shade – Adhyatmika and Prapanchika issues with two songs.

Producer Ganapathi Patil residing in New Zealand with roots in Belagavi is releasing the film in Navrang as main theatre and 50 plus theatres are coming forward for release. He has done the film with passion but not for profit.

Kavya Gowda and Harish Sara in comedy track. Harish is a sort of mad person; he has also worked as assistant director of the film. He is confident that the film dialogues are super and experimental in approach. Kavya Gowda says the people may or may not like this film.

Durgaprasad just 25 years of age has done music for two songs – both are gaining good appreciation for him.

Director Shivakumar Kadur made Dress Code Kannada film in the past. This film was shot in forty days and decision to make the film was made in one week he remembers. In Banneraghata, Suvarna Mukhi, Uttar Karnataka, Chickmagaluru, Belagavi locations were picked for shooting. After obtaining ‘Vairagya’ in life traveling with Naga Sadhus, Shivakumar Kadur caught hold of inner meaning of life to adapt for silver screen.

Rachana is housewife, Sonu Roy appeared for a song in this film, censor has passed this film with ‘A’ certificate.

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