Posted date: 3/February/2010

It was a simple but effective felicitation evening of Bharatha Rathna Sir M Visveswaraiah Engineering Pratisthana Trust headed by Ramesh Surve on Tuesday evening at Town Hall.

The Dada Saheb Phalke award winning cameraman VK Murthy veteran directors KSL Swamee and Om Saiprakash were honored with Mysore Peta, shawl and mementoes by the foundation in the presence of great singer Shyamala G Bhave and Muralidhar Halappa at a crowed evening in Puttana Chetty Town Hall.

The days of Mistry the veteran VK Murthy recalled. I was the 24th assistant worked with Mistry and it was my ambition. But he lauded me saying I am the best assistant so far in his profession to work. Later a musical shot I analyzed drew me very near to Gurudut and from that I became his permanent cameraman said VK Murthy after receiving the honor.

It was such a nice moment that VK Murthy in Mysore Peta looked similar to Sir M Visveswaraiah whose portrait was at the back on the dais.

Om Saiprakash spoke on the ups and down of his career in cinema and admitted we in the industry are responsible for poor position today. The attachment, activation and attention are the key factors he felt.

Ramesh Surve heading the Foundation said the organization honored 3600 persons and 150 writers with Rs.5000 cash award. He suggested the Kannada films dubbing to other languages in the state so that the proceeds for the producers increase from other language viewers. He is taking up a film in March this year with novel thoughts.

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