Posted date: 13/April/2009

Scaling new heights in just 37 years and being a top notch director of the country ever since the Hindi film ‘Gajini’ clicked in the box office and earned Rs.250 crores for just Rs.35 crores investment director A.R.Murugudoss is now pinning hopes on his ambitious project a Hollywood cinema. His films like Dheena, Ramana and Stalin also did wonders in the box office and no doubt that he the top ranking director.

He was speaking to a few journalists of Kannada cinema at Dharmagiri Manjunatha Swamy Temple on Sunday morning when he had come to direct the first shot of his internet friend K,M.Chaitanya’s Kannada film muhurut ‘Suryakanti’.

Here are the excerpts of a chat with A.R.Murugudoss who is one of the five best directors of this country.

How do you feel when you take up your own film for a big star of the country?
I feel remake is a problem. From Tamil ‘Gajini’ and Hindi ‘Gajini’ starring Aamir Khan there is a wide difference. I feel only the soul has to be taken while doing remake. Enormous changes have been made after rounds of discussion with Aamir Khan.

Why do you say remake is a problem?
When we shoot the original with some locations that would have changed when after a few years it is done again. Right from this the justice is not possible. The sun light, beaches, temples would have new environment surrounding it. I always feel when remake is done the ‘Soul’ should be retained.

Was it difficult to work with top star like Aamir Khan?
Not at all, he is also good human being. He understands things fast and there is room for discussion.

It is only when the film discussed it shapes up well is it?
In my case I read a lot and talk to various cross section of people. In such cases you get variety for your subject.

Which is the one in the offing?
I am still working on the script after Hindi ‘Gajini’. For me it requires four months to arrive at the script. Sometime the script evolve from climax or interval block.

From Tamil ‘Gajini’ to Hindi ‘Gajini’ you have seen enormous rise in your remuneration?
For Hindi film it is three times more I can say.

What was the difficulty you faced in your personal life?
I am from the family of three brother and three sisters. I could not get individual attention at all. When all my friends use to get umbrellas to return home my mother was not in a position to bring an umbrella. She has to have six umbrellas. So I used to sit at school and wait for the rain to stop. I studied BA in Bharathidas University.

How much Tamil Gajini made in the box office?
Nearly 7.5 crore was spent and it earned easily Rs.20 crores.

You had a round of discussion with Shahrukh Khan?
I had one round of discussion but nothing yet finalized.

You are ready with the script and stars come to you now?
I don’t believe in it. I only look for good script and whoever suits will play the role. My new film is yet to get final nod from my end.

At 37 years of age you are looking for something very notable in life?
I want to take up Hollywood cinema. Our cinema is watched in India and some places abroad. But Hollywood cinema has world market.
What difference you found between south Indian and North Indian film making style?
For South India cinema is in the culture. It is a part and parcel of our culture. In North they look at one of the segments. The technical advancement in North is superb.

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