Posted date: 22/January/2010

The storm on silver screen Nana Patekar has finished his second south Indian regional language assignment. ‘Yaksha’ is his second south assignment. Earlier he had acted in ‘Bommalatam’.

On the final day of shooting of his maiden Kannada film ‘Yaksha’ Nana Patekar disclosed that he is taking up direction in his career. That will be tremendous film of my life. There is no blood shed or violence he says with confidence. Deepika Padukone will be playing the lead in this film that has a story after independence. Nana Patekar will not be acting in that Hindi film he has not yet titled but in the center of sea he is planning. The script work is over.

Looking agile at 60 with no smoking, drinking and required petrol for my life is work out for two hours I am maintaining this health said the cop in ‘Yaksha’ Kannada film. I may work for five more years he stated and would like to stay in a small house and just go on writing after he stops acting.

I don’t know English. I know Marathi and Hindi. Like how I manage the English language I work out on the Kannada diction and do the dubbing for this Kannada film he pointed to a question.

On his professional secret he said it is the happiness and process of happening keeping him going. I have seen enough money I am only looking for the best process in film career. If the process is nice I will be part of the film. In ‘Yaksha’ I am a part of the film because director Ramesh Bhagavath was behind me for eight months. I have the satisfaction of working here but later how it gets shaped up I am curious to know he said.

In life nothing is late. Look at Rabindranath Tagore he quoted an example. On his social service he said you have to forget two things in life – what you have given to somebody and anyone who has hurt you’. On his more and more commercial films he said he is for classy and commercial kind of films.

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