Posted date: 30/January/2010

The life of regional films that win the national award becomes stronger. That too in the case of art and culture related films it is high when it gathers the national acclaim.

Shivadwaj practical in thinking is on a new movement. He is seeking the permission to dub from Kodava, Konkani and Tulu language films to Kannada and telecast it in channels. All the art films of three regional language films failing to get theatres collectively approach the satellite channels for screening and also getting aid is possible from the angle of Shivadwaj. Such well woven subjects telecast in the afternoon slots by the television channels it is sure to save the skin of the producers and such efforts piled up in the mind of quality film makers would get a fillip.

Shivadwaj is right in his thoughts. The films that are like ‘Gaggara’ deserve attention in the channels and the ball is now in the channel bosses and Kannada film bigwigs hands.

Had the award for a film like ‘Gaggara’ not come the fate is sealed. That is the reason why the films are done in shoe string budgets and limited days using very minimum gadgets once the attention is given to Kodava, Konkani and Tulu films it would be a feast for many of the makers says Shivadwaj. He has prepared a list of around 35 films of other three recognized language films. Participating in festivals would not fetch much. Only the channels could take up such films hopes Shivadwaj.

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