Posted date: 25/November/2008

A sensible and workaholic cameraman of Kannada cinema P.K.H.Das has decided to make a leap in to film direction sometime in next year March.

This news was confirmed by his mentor director cum cameraman Dinesh Baboo in a chat recently and lauded his ‘Shishya’ for taking the right decision. Das is giving a narration to Baboo in the next month and go ahead with the direction. Das came and joined Dinesh Baboo when he did not know anything. The urge and ready to take up hard work has earned Das a comfortable position today says Dinesh Baboo patting his colleague.

Baboo is unhappy with the directors and producers who are making entry in to Kannada cinema. First of all direction is not an easy job. Mr Raghunath in Malayalam is 300 films associate director. He took up direction and that film went for three days. It is because he was ready to take orders but not give orders. I spoke to Ravi Verma when he came to me to inform of his direction. I questioned his ability. A director by mistake cannot happen. It is a long process of knowledge in which I am still studying. The work involved in preparation is something never ending. I give the list of what I am doing to the producers. Sitting in their office they will know what I am shooting on a particular day.

Baboo has reasons to get irritated. All tom dick and Harry come to direction and production. They blame the industry after they fail. That blame I am not ready to take as an industry man says Baboo.

For PKH Das maiden direction muscular hero Vijay has given the call sheet it is reliably learnt.

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