Posted date: 16/July/2009

Astonished and flabbergasted Padmaja Rao with her 18 years young son Sajeev! He is interested in herpetology. He is interested in catching strong venomous snakes and mother takes him to Kukke Subramanya for giving up this profession. Next day Sanjeev goes to a bush on a telephone call and efficiently catch a snake bring it home.

One fine day this mother of heroes of Kannada cinema (Except Dr.Vishnuvardhana – she even got the offer but went home and gave a rethought to her decision and decided against to Dr.Vishnu mother role) Padmaja Raj maid servant screamed while broom. She found a snake and gave up the job for touching the snake in the broom stick!

What to do for this rare area of selection of profession by my son says the mother in distress in real life. I was the distress mother in most of the film ever since ‘Mungaru Male’. One or the other snake is in the house and my son says he wants to take up this snake catching profession. He wants to go to Agumbe or Dehra Dun to catch the snakes. The continuous animal planet, discovery and national discovery channel seeing from the young age perhaps given him the selection of this area says Padmaja Rao.

I give the absolute freedom to my son and coming to my profession in cinema and television I am sick of playing mother to nearly 40 films after ‘MM’. In a short while from now the industry make me grandmother too is the fear in my mind says Padmaja Rao.

On the new area of development in life Padmaja Rao says she is taking up a Kannada film to direct. It is ‘Thumba Ishta Swalpa Kashta’ that will have major character artists in the film. Earlier I thought of ‘Kannamuchchale’ and ‘Kaddhu Muchchi’ but now going in for registration of this title. Diganth, Yash, Andrita Ray plays the lead. Ananthnag, Rangayana Raghu and Lakshmi have confirmed to act. Jayanth Kaikini will be writing the songs. Yogaraj Bhat has made final correction to my script that will be in ‘ROM=COM’ style – romantic comedy.

Even before the completion of my new house construction in September this film will go on the floors says Padmaja Rao. Meanwhile her new house on Kanakapura Road is in the ancient style – it is ‘Kambadha mane, Thotti Mane and red oxide house’ where natural rain falls in to the ‘Thotti’. Padmaja Rao is also contemplating on using the natural rain.

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