Posted date: 24 Tue, Jan 2012 ? 10:08:46 AM

The beautiful and brilliant actress Ragini is in underwater song in the film ‘Arakshaka’ is what came up in the speech of real star Upendra.

Wah! Ragini adds to the list of underwater song of Anu Prabhakar in ‘Shaapa’. It was not a complete song but a few shots. Recently the first underwater song was shot for ‘Teenage…Yee Vayasse Onthara’ and it is a world record they claim.

Ragini underwater song has appreciation from Upendra mother is a good compliment. That is because a senior citizen Upendra mother appreciating it is a big thing for Ragini. Happy for a big experiment in her career from ‘Arakshaka’ Ragini is in joy for the release of the film. Getting appreciation from Upendra is itself an award for me. It is a film that is outstanding and takes us to out of the world mood. A role with Upendra is like icing on a cake. He is a superb co star and cooperative star. ‘Arakshaka’ is a fast paced commercial from start to end there is lot of curiosity for audience. My introduction song is very good in the film says Ragini who is waiting for January 26, 2012 morning show of the film ‘Arakshaka’.

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