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Ever since 1972 the name ‘Ramachari’ in blockbuster Kannada film ‘Nagarahavu’ has been used for silver screen, it turned out to be a super hit. V Ravichandran film with Khusbhoo ‘Ramachari’ (Chinna Thambi remake) and later Rocking star Yash and Radhika Pandit film ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’ was also a super hit at the box office.

Now young and talented Thej is bringing in the name ‘Ramachari 2.0' for the silver screen. He adds a lot of intelligence to the character Ramachari, there is Zaleela played by comedy actor Vijay Chendur and Margaret that is played by Shilpa Shetty in her second film.

‘Ramachari 2.0’ film went on the floors on Monday at Renukamba Digital Theatre premises. Senior director Shashank sounded clap board for this film. 

In the presence of a few seniors Thej disclosed that the influx of dubbing films now faced by Kannada film industry was the problem faced by Tamil cinema industry. They overcome it by making a native and relatively competent subject that has eventually avoided dubbing films rocking in. Now the same situation is in Kannada filmdom. It is only concept based good subjects that can give an answer to dubbed films he opines.

Highly qualified and well balanced in his thought and approach Theju today ‘Ramachari’ is very intelligent. He is a self reliant and angry young man. In my 18 years of cinema journey this is entirely different. The film moves with four main characters. The anger in Nagarahavu of Dr Vishnuvardhana Ramachari, the love of ‘Ramachari’ of V Ravichandran is also kept in mind, says Theju. The film ‘Rewind’ which he is part of is likely to appear in Hotstar in December of January 2021. The film has got the censor certificate he adds. In Mandya, Devanahalli and Bengaluru the shoot is planned. The main crux for this film is ‘Butterfly Effect’ which ‘Ramachari’ notices in a book. The touch of ‘Karma’ theory is found in the substance of this film.

Vijay Chendur, Krishnamurthy Kavathar, Ashwin, Vinay Pandavapura, Prabhu Surya, Sandeep Malani, Shilpa Shetty, Five Star Ganesh were present at the media address of this film on Monday morning. Four songs are part of this film.

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