Posted date: 28/February/2010

Coming out from suicide and now composed in his nature director Saiprakash quoted a few reasons for his attempt to end life and apologized to hat trick Shivarajakumar for attributions made to him.

The Saiprakash elder brother Thirupathi Reddy losing two kidneys, Saiprakash sister losing a big chit amount of Rs.5 lakhs, the monthly interest Saiprakash was paying, no ground yet for his son who is already with two children made me to take the extreme step of committing suicide said Saiprakash speaking to a few journalists on Saturday morning.

For the remark made Shivarajakumar that Saiprakash should have reacted to the reports against him the director Saiprakash said he deeply apologize for it and he said the same thing to Shivarajakumar meeting him in his residence.
Saiprakash was out of station for three days made him not to attend phone calls and react at the right time.

One thing everyone is saying that a person like Saiprakash should not have taken such step of suicide has fallen to the ears of Saiprakash.

Saiprakash is writing letter to all the media offices an apology letter on Monday for the attributions made to Shivarajakumar.

Where did Saiprakash have the sleeping dose to consume so much? From last three months he was sleepless. Taking sleeping tablets every day to get sleep. Looking at all the problems deep neck he swallowed all the three doctors sleeping dose given to him.

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