Posted date: 1/December/2008

Focusing the nativity, the folk culture and doing a cinema with the famous song of ‘Punyakoti’ – Dharani Mandala Madhyadholage…..Satyave Namma Thaayi Thande…., in a Kannada film with a concept of his own was the childhood ambition of noted director of Kannada cinema S.Mahender.

With his wife Shruthi doing the key role in ‘Akka Thangi’ Mahender achieved a new feat by giving a film with desi touch in it. ‘Akka Thangi’ is our land story. In this zamana shooting at Male Mahadeshwara Hills surroundings was my dream and for that a producer like Ramesh Yadav has pumped extra energy said S.Mahender after screening of the film at Arjun Art Studio on Monday morning. The film ‘Akka Thangi’ needed a separate dedication. I wanted to bring it in reality. I wanted use my experience of 30 odd films. For that Shruthi and Rashmi have added new dimension complimented Mahender. After seeing ‘Dhuniya’ I inquired with Ramesh Yadav whether Rashmi is available for my film said Mahender. The film like ‘Akka Thangi’ only would reveal to the younger genre today what treasure we have. More such efforts should be made observed Mahender.

I knew that Mahender would work superbly keeping in mind the nativity. He is the best among a few to keep up our nativity on screen. When he gave me the story in a CD format I was convinced and when actress Shruthi was fixed I got mentally fixed that the film would be fine said producer of ‘Akka Thangi’ Ramesh Yadav. I am releasing this film in 15 theatres all over Karnataka – Only one theatre in Bangalore Tribhuvan with 15 prints. I would call you for the 100 days event of this film was the confidence of producer Ramesh Yadav.

The film has consumed some time but I never said that I would release on so and so date. When Vaali was made and released in 81 days from the muhurut day, I realized that we should wait for the time. For Akka Thangi I never committed on the date. For three songs we have done DI and I am content with the outcome said Yadav.

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