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The first path breaking cinema of Kannada cinema history is ‘Samskaara’ – released on 13th of May 1970. To this day it completes 50 years of release. One of the most controversial cinemas too based on Gnanapith award winning writer Dr UR Ananthamurthy novel and the same title of book retained for the film title.

Take a look at the ‘Samskaara’ Kannada cinema highlights released 50 years ago.

·         Samskaara is said to be the first path breaking cinema.

·         It made news at the national level; it was discussed in Parliament by former PM IK Gujral.

·         This is the film that was screened with successful results in abroad. It also won awards at international level.

·         Samskaara is the first film in Kannada to get ‘Swarna Kamal’ for director Pattabhirama Reddy.

·         At the state level it won four coveted awards for best story, direction for second best film, supporting actor BR Jayaram, best cameraman award went to Tom Cowan.

·         The Censor Board in Madras rejected this film completely.

·         The producer and director Pattabhirama Reddy went to New Delhi for revising committee. The 15 member’s team approved with ‘A’ certificate for the film.

·         Samskara (funeral Rites) is the story of a rebel Brahmin who throughout his life has violated the basic laws of his caste. He has taken meat, he has desecrated the temple; and suddenly he dies. Can he be cremated? Has he the right to a decent Brahmin funeral? The villagers meet, take sides, and Praneshacharya , their leader, is given the responsibility of taking the decision. The film concerns itself with his torments, his nagging doubts. What man has the right to judge another? Who of us is without sin?

·         The controversy this subject and narration created is highest so far.

·         Samskaara film a portion was shot at Shivamogga. Sringeri Swamiji permission was sought.

·         In the title card thanks giving was given to Sri Sringeri Swamiji. That has erupted lot of controversy as the film is anti Brahmin.

·         The permanent tag was that this film ‘Samskaara’ was made to condemn Brahmin community.

·         SR Puttanna Kanagal watching this film said there is nothing special in the film.

·         Udayakumar a senior actor raised objections to this film.

·         In Bhumika today States yesteryears the film got released in Bengaluru.

·         A special show was held in New Delhi and that got wide appreciation.

·         It is 113 minutes film shot in 35 MM black and white.

·         Tom Cowan held camera, Rajeev Taranath handled music. Steven S and Vasu edited this film and SG Vasudev was art director.

·         Esthar Ananthamurthy was also in a small role in this film.

·         Dr Girish Karnad played Praneshacharya role. Snehalatha Reddy, BR Jayaram, P Lankesh, Dasharathi Dixit, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, Bhargavi Narayan, Jayadev, Arbutha Rani, Lakshman Rao, Lokanath, Srikanth, Ganapathi Shastry and others were in the cast.

·         Most of the shooting was held in Mysuru.

·         Singeetham Srinivasa Rao was associate and Kankanahalli Gopi was assistant director.

·         In Ram Manohar Banner this film has screenplay and dialogues by Dr Girish Karnad.

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