Posted date: 14 Tue, Feb 2012 ? 12:53:31 AM

‘Hage Sadisidha Vichara Hoge Aiyithu’ – facing the pain of ‘Cheating Case’ Srinivasamurthy put in a nutshell on Monday afternoon at Green House Raj Milan.

Even at the Supreme Court the case filed against me has been dishonored. Prior to High Court of Karnataka has dismissed the case filed. It is after 26 years I got the justice. I have not gone jail and not behind the bars. This is what I want to tell those in the industry and some in the media.

The case related to ‘Bala Nauke’ that I have done forgery of receipts in 1986 has been admitted in the lower courts. In High Court and Supreme Court the case has come to my side has given me only 10 percent of satisfaction. 90 percent of ‘Bejaru Iddhe Idhe’ says Srinivasamurthy addressing the media single handedly. More than anything I believed in ‘Devara Court’. He has given right justice.

My wife, family and relatives got worried. Even some of the media friends were taken back with this case taking so long. I came with a suitcase and two pairs of clothes and was able to invest Rs.2.5 crores on ‘Dhimaku’. I lost completely and I am sure one day I would get back.

I have the extreme satisfaction of giving this Kannada cinema industry my son Naveen Krishna who is very good in acting, writing screenplay, dialogues, dance and other fields pointed Srinivasamurthy.

Whether he is contemplating on going in for defamation on Muralikrishna? I have not thought about it. He has become lawyer only because of me. Had anyone like me in this situation the life would have ended long ago stated Srinivasamurthy in a mindset of dejection.

My profession did not get affection with my long standing case in the court. Applying makeup I was only actor Srinivasamurthy answered to a question.

Good luck ‘Bojaraja’ of Kannada cinema!

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