Posted date: 13 Sun, Feb 2021 � 12:47:54 PM

Giving good education, care and comfort in life my daughter, a pilot today married against my wishes and I am not getting medicine allowance from her. I had sold my house for her marriage. This is what Satyajith, an actor of over 600 films in Kannada had told in an interview.

The tiff with his pilot daughter Akthar Swaleha has now reached a different shape and turn. Satyajith daughter Smt Akthar filed a case against her father in Banasavadi Police station limits. My father is pestering me to give him money and threatening she complained.

I was giving Rs.1 lakh to my father from my professional earning as a pilot. I am pregnant today. I have left my job. I have my own responsibilities in the family front. I am facing mental torture says the complaint.

In the last three years, I am facing gangrene and lost my leg and I have had help from my industry colleagues. I am upset with such a complaint from my daughter and it is far from the truth he says. Nizamuddin Syed Salam alias Sathyajit in Kannada films was originally a conductor in KSRTC. He moved to theatre and thereafter to cinema as his full time profession.


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