Posted date: 4/December/2008

Very rarely seen in the film functions the 50 plus films prominent director Bharagava says script and gripping screenplay is only important for a film. Like that the media support plays a dominant role he said remembering the late DV Sudheendra who created a new wave for publicity for films. We should remember DVS today. He was writing the film news from hand and carbon copies of it he used to give it to newspapers for publicity.

For the new directors the technicians the media should write more in today’s condition. The director also should know how to do sacrifice for living up to the expectation of the producer Bharagava turned to his Shishya S.Madhav and explained. Only two of the assistants of Bhargava Uday and Hiremath should become directors now. Rests of the others have already become directors he said. He blessed ‘Venki’ team whole heartedly.

The hero of the ‘Venki’ film Prashanth pointed out the message of the film – when falling in love is wrong that wrong should be corrected first. He plays the engineering college student.

Director Madhav thanked his Guru Bharagav for gracing the function and immensely thanked the producers Suryakanth Belgavi and Laxmikanth for providing what he asked for the shoot. They have rightly understood everything. At the re-recording state ‘Venki’ has one more song to complete says Madhav.

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