Posted date: 5/April/2009

The closely kept secret for all these years that has got the admittance from none other than Shivarajakumar and that too when his icon father Dr.Rajakumar and fugitive Veerappan are not living today.

Yes. ‘The money played a crucial role in the release of my father Dr.Rajakumar from the hands of fugitive Veerappan’. I cannot say it was not there at all. I don’t know how much of money was transferred and it is not right to rake up old issues now said Shivarajakumar answering a question at the 7th Amrutha Mathu Manthana at Press Club of Bangalore on Saturday evening. You go on digging it now it looks like a whole vicious circle he informed.

‘My father was totally upset when the issue of money came up for his release’. In addition to it he was completely upset and perturbed because the talks went on were not healthy at all. It was all new for him. He told me ‘Ishtondu Hana release ge Bekitta’. I pacified him that you deserve something more this at that time Shivarajakumar recalled.

Our family in Sadashivanagar for 108 days of my father kidnap by Veerappan was like Temple, mosque, church and Gurudwar. All religion people prayed for the safety of my father. It was ‘Akashavani’ that worked as a tool between Dr.Rajakumar in forest and people of Karnataka said Shivarajakumar.

On the day of my father demise Shivarajakumar was returning from Hampi. He was shooting for ‘Gandugali Kumarama’. He had to stop the vehicle at a petrol bunk. One innocent girl came up to him and asked ‘Appajji Channagiddare Thaane’. What should I say at this point of time? I controlled the emotions Shivarajakumar disclosed.

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