Posted date: 17/January/2010

Ittare Vara, Bittare Bara! Is the new slogan of this Amaranath Shastry? You may say yes because this astrologer is unique in his strength. All the 11 films he has traced the correct muhuruth for the start of the film have given rich dividends in the box office. Amaranath Shastry has no failures. He has done fine muhuruth selection for two Telugu films Arya I and Arya II plus Chalaki. In Kannada from the days of ‘Gaja’ for more than half a dozen films the zodiac moments looks into and approve the date is effortless for the producers.

Amanarnath Shastry hailing from Vemgal Taluk in Kolar district with great confidence says in April, August one each and in November there are two days that are fit for the film muhurths. No need to look in to any details on these days he promises. In Kannada Amaranath Shastry (available on telephone No.98451 46254) has kept the muhuruths for Aithalakkadi, Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu, Raj The Showman, Raam, Sanju Weds Geetha. He always prefers early morning muhurths that is what producers like K.Manju,Rammurthy, Srinivasamurthy, Suresh Gowdru follows.

He never demands any remuneration and giving ‘Sambhavane’ is left to those who hire me he says. At ‘Aithalakkadi’ Kumbalakaayi breaking ceremony also Amaranath Shastry was present at Minerva Mills.

Amaranath Shastry with his brother Shivaram constructed Lord Shiva and Poori Jagannath temple at Madison in United States of America. His sibling Shivaram is managing the temples that are situated right opposite to Madison Airport.

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