Posted date: 15/February/2010

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and Kannada Film Producers Association jointly give training for 15 days to the new producers and directors before investment is made. This should be done to give knowledge of production and put in right order to spend money for the right thing. This is the call of the day. Secondly the Karnataka Chanalachitra Academy should convene a gathering of old and new crop to lend experiences so that they will be perfect in attitudes on the sets and support the cause of the producer.

The two vital elements are must to inculcate said veteran director of some of the classic films Siddalingaiah at the 4th Belli Hejje he attended as guest under the umbrella of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy.

On Saturday evening at Badami House Priyadarshini Hall it was flash back of the veteran Siddalingaiah. Take a look at the different areas Siddalingaiah touched in his hour long chat:


As we all know the straightforward director Siddalingaiah who never bog down for anything unnecessarily spend money came out from the camp of Vittalacharya just for the sake of Rs.5. His pant was torn. He wanted to buy a new pant. Vittalacharaya said no to increase of Rs.5 in the monthly salary of Rs.45. So Siddalingaiah looked for a new job at via Prabhakara Shastry. But before this he was noticed by TN Balakrishna. It is the veteran comedian Balakrishna who saw the director in Siddalingaiah when he was working as floor and light boy.



When he came out for new job he asked for only Rs.5 hike. Give me Rs.50 that is enough he said. But knowing the ability he was given Rs.600 as advance for three months. He had not seen Rs.100 note till then. Money was used very carefully and not like the ones today he says.


Siddalingaiah worked under directors in many languages. In one of the shooting spots NTR faced the camera for a Telugu film. Siddalingaiah said he wants one more shot as assistant director. NTR was upset. On the spot he said NTR you cannot see your back. I know what expression you have given. Give one more he said. NTR asked Siddalingaiah you act and show. He did so and NTR was impressed. After the shot is over NTR went home and sent three pairs of dresses to Siddalingaiah. That was the Deepavali time. Siddalingaiah quietly placed the gift to NTR on the sets and said ‘Please don’t make me as beggar’. NTR was surprised. He hugged Siddalingaiah and said you would become a big director one day.



The debut of Dwarakish as producer with Dr Rajakumar as hero the debut of Siddalingaiah has a past story. When Rajakumar call sheet was available not every film subject could be accepted. Dwarakish was upset when Siddalingaiah rejected the subject for Rajakumar. I have given you the chance of director and Rajakumar call sheet is there why did you reject said Dwarakish. Siddalingaiah hunt for story began and he caught hold of villager becoming mayor. Then everyone was happy for the subject selection. That’s how Mayor Muthanna started.


At the dubbing time when MP Shanker was not right Siddalingaiah assistant director said on the face. Then MP Shanker came to Siddalingaiah and complained. On the spot with everyone around Siddalingaiah taken to task MP Shanker and said you are not the director. I trust my assistant director observation. In face he has said once more you have to dub he pointed. An actor knows only his role a director knows ever role in the film. Acting starts from the days of taking the mother milk says Siddalingaiah.

The duty of a director is to make ‘Parakaya Pravesha’ of an actor.


The economic stars were in those days. Dr Rajakumar was having only Koli Saaru and smoking in his life going to a far off place. He used to wash his mouth and then come to the sets. Even I was smoking said Siddalingaiah. But only one pack cigarette for anyone. I don’t want to spoil your health from cigarette was told to actors. The tender coconut was also one. The shooting of length was one is to three. When economy is followed Rs.50 lakh could be saved for the producer.


Siddaligaiah known for hot temperament was immensely satisfied with writer like Chi Udayashanker. Like wise RNJ, Vinayanarasimha and a few others were very good. Chi Udayashanker was recognized as ‘Karnataka Kanna Dasa’. For Doorada Betta song writing Chi Udayshanker was in the room of Siddalingaiah. The differences of opinion shot up. Siddalingaiah said you are no doubt a good writer but I want only like this in the song. I have written so many songs you cannot tell me got up chi Udayashanker and took the cigarette pack on the table of Siddalingaiah. Immediately he was told why you take my cigarette pack when you are going out. He got wild and went outside. Siddalingaiah called Chi Udayashanker and said tomorrow by 12 noon if he does not return he will sit with another writer. It did not happen because Chi Udayashanker quietly came and said he should not have spoken like that. The song Preethine A Davyru Thanda asthi Namma Palige….came up like that!

Vidwathge Bele hogalike is like tonic!



According to the opinion of Siddalingaiah the government giving subsidy and tax exemption plus Rs.1.50 per ticket is not utilized properly. Then the quality is not good. As a matter of fact the government rebate should come to the equipments. The three major push given is not required to Kannada films.


I don’t drink alcohol. But in my very poor days I was drinking water and sleeping in the night. Hotte thumba Muddhe and Baithumba anna’ was the saying. Three ragi balls I was eating at a time. Looking after cows, preserving cow dung was my work for many years. Even in poverty I did not care for anyone and never worked against my conscious.

Like how I have seen hunger I have seen injustice in the society. In Tumkur when drawing water from the well was in queue system daughter of School teacher surpassed the queue. I threw her vessel and told to come in queue. That night School Meshtru came to quarrel with me. I took a wooden piece and broke his lantern and said you first teach your daughter the manners. He rushed back understanding the mistake.


No Rajarosha life for me. I am satisfied with what I have from my early days. When I lost 28 lakhs of rupees from ‘Sambavami Yuge Yuge’ I lost everything. I was traveling in auto and bus for many months. I used to leave home early and reach late after dark. That was the situation. With difficulty I made 100 rupees and one of my friends took me in the car and asked me to pay the petrol bill. I was perplexed.

In another occasion a friend of mine came and requested me to give a cheque for some amount so that his financier would believe him. I did so and cheque got dishonored. I had to sell the gold jewelry of my wife to escape further problems. When my wife slept in the house I was a thief in my own house to take the jewelry. Next day she came to know about it. If you have asked me I would have given it she said


I have three subjects. One should pour money and see a film of my taste. He should not interfere. There are novels of Byrappa and others to make films. Films of todays ‘Prekshaka Hata madthiddane’ not to see! I have kept away from films from last 15 years. Hana Suriyo producer bekalla!

The heroes of today take crores of rupees what they do with it. They should own responsibility.


We are falling behind in not teaching others when they come to Karnataka our language. We are learning their language. How can the language grow? I have seen Vijaya Reddy not speaking Tamil, Telugu and Kannada properly.



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