Posted date: 26/July/2011

The sprightly Spoorthi, daring and dashing in four years she has proved her mettle but she is most unsatisfied because of scores of offers of ‘Sister’ coming to her.

The new hat trick heroine of Kannada cinema Spoorthi driving her car on NICE road spoke very nicely on her career in speed and zoom.

Take a look at the brief chat with SPOORTHI

How did you get this hat trick heroine spot?

I played the role in ‘Josh’ of SV Babu and continue it in Telugu and Tamil. In Tamil it is called Yuvan, in Telugu it is Kiritam – so it makes three for me.

What is the experience you have gained in the last four years?

I was about to be branded as sister after ‘Prithvi’. I accepted it just because of power star Puneeth Rajakumar. I took part in 10 scenes but there were only four scenes. I decided not to accept sister roles. I got nearly 20 offers of the similar kind. I rejected.

What are the films so far in Kannada?

Josh, Jolly Days, Chellidharo Sampigeya, Olave Vismaya, Prithvi and two of Josh remakes! Tamil ‘Yuvan’ will be dubbed in to Malayalam. I have done a good role in Madhuve Mane. Now I am in Bodyguard. It is an innocent role . Daisy Shah is the main heroine.

So you are fed up of sister offers?

That is true. I don’t have to work for money. I have to work here for satisfaction.

What your parents say?

My mother is a Commercial Tax Officer, my father is a Civil Engineer says accept only good offers. They say not to worry for money. For me SV Babu is the best producer.

You are continuing education…

I want to take up IAS after BBM. I am going to Baldwins College. I secured 92 percent in SSLC. In PUC I got over 75 percent.


So no good roles….means…

Taking up studies very seriously and become an IAS officer.

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