Posted date: 12 Sun, Sep 2021 12:25:33 PM
Another youngster with good knowhow Suhas Krishna has arrived to head the megaphone. In his debut Suhas Krishna is directing 50 films plus actor Vijay Raghavendra.

The film ‘Kadda Chitra’…dare plagiarism has completed more than 70 percent of shooting. Suhas Krishna with good theatre background had earlier directed ‘P5’ film that is yet to see the light of the day. This is a psychological thriller and he had Vijay Raghavendra in mind while preparing the script. The title ‘Kadda Chitra’ connects to this film and Vijay Raghavendra plays the role of a writer in this film.

Namratha, Raghu Shivamogga, Balaji Manohar, Baby Aradhya and others are in the cast. The shooting so far was held at Bengaluru and Wayanad. Sandeep HK is the first producer for the story, screenplay, dialogue and direction of Suhas Krishna. The focus is the conflict point and style of making is going to break the monotony. The grey shade, lighting pattern etc are not here but stylishly presented on screen. There are three types of emotions to Vijay Raghavendra – wife, daughter and celebrity falling down phases he undergoes explains Suhas Krishna.

According to female protagonist Namratha the look and feel is different for Vijay Raghavendra. The Kruthi Chaurya aspect is inside the film but we have not done any Kruthi Chaurya for this film as such, she informed.

It has been a three years journey for this film and in my 25 years I have not done such a role. Especially that of smoking for the role and I had to burn two packs everyday for a shoot. I was opposed to smoking for a long time and my friends used to tell me that I should get one such role. In this film ‘Kadda Chitra’ Vijay Raghavendra is in a psychological thriller filled with suspense. I really felt it was difficult to smoke. I never used to take the fag inside. When the shot was over and the cigarette was still on there were many hands to pick it up. In the team I have seen the ‘hunger’ for good products stated by Vijay Raghavendra who is in the role of a writer.

For producer Sandeep it has been a 2006 dream entering into the cinema field. Sri of Crazy Minds is handling cinematography and editing in this film. He is working with VR for the first time. The hell bent nature of this team for a right and convincing project is what he liked.

Krishna Raj scored music for his second Kannada film and he is giving four songs. He has good experience in conducting a band ‘Masala Coffee’ for the last eight years. He has also worked for theatre playing violin.

Raghu Shivamogga went to the days of his Abhinaya Taranga training. There were three in my batch Vijay, Sujith and Suhas – now all are into cinema making. I thought Suhas would be an actor as I had seen him in Deadly 2, he has called me to act in a particular role. I was surprised with his transformation. Raghu Shivamogga also a director today plays a publisher role. He had seen the unity that is very strong in the team.

Baby Aradhya with 25 films and three TV serials studying in 2nd standard is the daughter of Vijay Raghavendra and Namratha in the film. She hoped for 100 days of this film ‘Kadda Chitra’. 
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