Posted date: 23 Thu, Sep 2021 11:44:14 AM
A unique thought from the team of ‘Sukanya Dweepa’ is getting ready for the second schedule of shooting. This is Vairavar International and Mandrosche Services Private Limited first joint venture in the direction of MD Afzal who is also an actor of 18 films and editor of ‘Superstar’ film magazine.

MD Afzal first direction ‘Mobile Raja’ is also under production. This ‘Sukanya Dweepa’ is female-oriented surrounding three beautiful girls Shreya Vasanth, Akshita Nagaraj and Chumbitha. All are against love but they face some ticklish situations. ‘Sukanya Dweepa’ is the house of girls and there is love, comedy, action and four lovely songs. Some of the portions of the film will be shot in Hassana, Chickmagaluru, Belur and other places.

One of the producers is Veerabahu with agriculture background hails from Sidlaghatta and he is a good friend of Raj Prabhu co producer for a long time.

Raj Prabhu is overall in charge of this film and is also acting in this film. According to him, Tamil actor Vivek is the inspiration for the subject.  What role he plays comes in the second half and that is suspense.

Actors of the film Sachin Purohit, Ravi, Shreya Vasanth, Akshita Nagaraj, Chumbitha, editor Madhav Reddy, cinematographer Vignesh Nagendran, music director Kaushik Sharma spoke on their experience in the team so far.

Raj Prabhu is a story and screenplay writer. Fayaz Khan is directing stunts, Jaggu and Raju working in the dance department, Rajarathna is lyricist, Saivarsha and Raj Prabhu are co-producers of this film.

MD Kaushik a veteran actor and director is in a prominent role. 
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