Posted date: 18/November/2007

One among the very few hits of this year ‘Taj Mahal’ has given a big booty to producer, director, distributor and key actor. Director Chandru is coming up with a house in Keshavara his home town while to stay in Bangalore in Sahakari Nagara he is buying another house. A car he has bought has been given to his father. He is now thinking in life with the advice passed on music maestro Ilayaraja – ‘it is difficult to live with success, be patient and be simple in life’ R.Chandru was advised in Chennai at the time of his second film ‘Prem Kahani’ song discussion.

The Kannada film ‘Taj Mahal’ has opened the floodgates of dreams come true for producer Shivashanker Reddy, executive producer Ashok Kumar, first time director R.Chandru, actor Ajay Rao and music director Abhiman. Not the least for the distributor N.Kumar this is yet another whopping business since ‘Taj Mahal’ has been sold after two weeks by the producer for a fancy price.

The get together party of ‘Taj Mahal’ of 120 days was held in a low scale at Green House restaurant on Sunday evening in the absence of producer, actress Pooja Gandhi, supporting cast, music director Abhiman and actor Ajay Rao came late to the celebration. Ajay is happy with the developments after ‘Taj Mahal’ in his life. I have got new lease of life and things looking very cool in life he said.

According to an estimate of Gandhinagar the film ‘Taj Mahal’ has been sold for very good price by the producer and he is dilkush in the second week. But the distributors are more happy because in 11 theatres the film ran for 100 days says director R Chandru who is now happy and comfortable with a house in Bangalore, house in his home town Keshavara and bought a car. His remuneration has been Telugu and Tamil rights of the film that has fetched him very good returns.

R Chandru is now getting ready for his second film ‘Prem Kahani’ starring Ajay Rao and ‘Paragu’ Telugu film heroine Sheela in the lead role. KS Chandrasekhar is doing the camera work for the film and mines owners from Bellary are the producers of Chandru’s second venture that is a pure love story with many interesting elements.

Producer Shivashanker Reddy away to take care of his father was in the Green House at 5 pm but urgent call made him to move. He is meeting the media and the team of ‘Taj Mahal’ on 150th day of it in a grand function.

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