Posted date: 1/July/2009

The ‘Pancha Varshika Plan’ from Regional Censor Board chief A.Chandrasekhar has come to an end as he relinquished his responsibilities on June 9th but continuing till the new man comes in to head the Regional Censor Office.

As no one in the past did A Chandrasekhar the outgoing chief of censor board has done. It is not only bringing discipline and setting the things in right order but also convening a press meet with data of his regime that supported the good work he has done. In giving certificate the ‘Culture’ counts. Quoting the recent ‘Havaa’ Kannada film that has non stop violence was viewed by the Tribunal coming down to Bangalore he said the first thing they asked after watching the film there is no such violence happening in Bangalore roads. The producers agreed to it and still they want certificate Chandrasekhar explained one of his countless situations. Tribunal is not in a position to extend the certificate for ‘Havaa’!

On Tuesday noon at the Press Club of Bangalore the outgoing censor officer Chandrasekhar giving three pages press note that consisted four tables addressed the media.

The lack of professional approach, novelty in film making and bankruptcy of natural thoughts are the causes of down fall of Kannada films observed the officer. In the categorization of films the existing three certificates are not enough he felt and explained the transparency he vouched for that is nothing but open door policy. Without asking we have given the waiting number for the producers when they came for the certification and also kept up the habit of avoiding the middleman completely outlined the censor chief.

The effect of 2005 – 44.49 percent average cut was seen in the next year wherein it was 24.03. In 2007 it was 21.92 percent but in 2008 it went up to 38.27 percent is worrying factor. In 2007 the total censor cuts was 6315 meters the highest so far in his regime he said. Although there were 15 successful films in 2008 the percentage of success is 9 percent he said from the 165 films he has censored in 2008.

On the censor guidelines given in English he said that the Kannada version would be ready soon. Curbing the double intenders’, vulgarity in songs and comedy, violence and bloodshed, use of correct language are the checking points that has brought some ideality he feels.

There is an inverse relationship between the censor cuts and the success percentage – example – success rate was maximum of 23 percent in 2006 when average cut was low of 24 percent and success rate was lowest of 9 percent in 2008 the average cut is highest of 38 percent.

Answering another question the regional censor chief said the films refused at EC in the last five years is 30 that is less than 2 percent of films censored. Only four of the 30 did not get any of the certificates but others have got one in for the other certificates he explained.

It is only when controversy mounted up the Regional Censor Officer got the attention and in all the occasions the right treatment was given to us. Chandrasekhar thanked the media support in his regime.


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