Posted date: 12 Wed, Oct 2016 11:04:10 AM

Known for high quality films and television serials TS Nagabharana in a chat with a few journalists on Vijayadashami day hit back on Suvarna satellite channel Anoop Chandrasekhar on unceremonious exit and loss of Rs.46 lakhs for his ‘Keladi Chennama’ historical television serial.

TSN had come to unveil the title of director Sunil Kumar Singh (remember his Madhuve Mane of golden star Ganesh) www.meenabajar., and he was speaking on his past, present and future projects taking Bisi Bele Bath. His ‘Baath’ was also hot when he went on a flashback.

I had obtained permission for 280 episodes of ‘Keladi Chennamma’ directly from Star network bosses. The assurance was given that no one will poke their nose in my work. I was told that I come directly to head office.

But the local head was somehow not interested in such surpass of his table. I had invested Rs.80 lakhs on the sets believing that the project would herald for 280 episodes. It got cut off especially when the 8.30 pm TV serial was brought down to 6 pm in Suvarna satellite channel. Why such a disgrace is happening was my study and learnt that might be because of ‘Cuts’ not possible from my side. I had to bog down to 111 episodes TSN explained his bad luck.

It is a regular sweet cajoling that how is your Rs.50 crore suitcase for TSN. That is because in his suitcase he has a few top scripts that’s worth Rs.50 crores. On one of his earlier most ‘Dalavayi Muddanna’ script, TSN was in fiery mood because director Naganna obtained the rights of this film from late producer Narayanamurthy daughter.

Firstly he has no right to keep the title ‘Dalavayi Muddanna’ (this was the project Prakash Raj was supposed to take and in the recent past actor Kishor said at Kabali time even Rajanikanth is interested in this subject based on three novels of Ta Ra Su) says TSN. I have registered this title for last six years. If at all Naganna wants to keep, he should keep the three novel names –‘Kambani Kuyilu, Raktha Rathri and Raajya Daaha’ – I would not allow ‘Dalavayi Muddanna’ for Naganna says Nagabharana.

In the meanwhile TSN ‘Allama’ for Hari Khoday is hitting silver screen in December as VFX work is taking more time. After this release he is coming up with a social subject this time. He wants this change from historical to social. The historical with Kumar Bangarappa ‘Keladi Shivappa Nayaka’ is another valuable script of TSN in cold storage like ‘Dalavayi Muddanna’.

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