Posted date: 25/November/2008

Here is one astute debutant producer of Kannada cinema R.V.Venkatappa who has made extremely risky and difficult attempt in shaping up ‘Ganga Cauvery’. All this is for giving a break to his son Akshay the macho youngster in the film industry.

Even to this day producer of multi crore ‘Ganga Cauvery’ RV Venkatappa is baffled with the 300 feet jump with the help of a rope his son Akshay has done for this film. At a particular scene in Kulu Manali actor Akshay falls from such a height back ways and is not injured at all. The Hindi film actor Akshay has jumped from 150 plus feet is the record so far says the memory of Venkatappa. That is the seriousness my son has taken recalls Venkatappa.

Here are the excerpts of an interview with the producer Venkatappa:

‘Ganga Cauvery’ is finally releasing on this Friday. What are the preparations?
Final touches have been finished for release of the film in 21 theatres with 21 prints. I am not going for UFO or Satellite screening of the film. I have learnt the satellite viewing in the theatres reduces the quality on screen by 30 to 40 percent.

Everything has come according to your expectations?
I felt happy with the first print stage. I am releasing the film on my own with friends help. I am working like a manager of the film too. The reason why I am releasing on my own is because the Audio market report has not come to me from the Lahari Recording Company. They paid Rs.1.75 lakhs for my investment on the songs of Rs.10 lakhs plus. I feel the producers of today should be able to handle release of the audio by themselves.

‘Ganga Cauvery’ is a visual treat for the audience it is learnt?
Not only visual treat, there are lovely songs, excellent narration, dialogues plus emotions. The audiences need not to go Ganges or Himalayas. We have gone twice and shot in Gangotri, Hrishikesh, Haridwar, Kulu Manali, Madal Pet, Kudur Ghat, Jalara Falls, Bangkok, Darjeeling, Talacauvery places. The audience would not know how they have passed the time. The nature is at its best in H.C.Venu camera work.

Shooting in Gangotri was for the first time?
After the showman of Indian cinema Raj Kapoor for his ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ and for another Hindi film ‘Gangotri’ no one had dared to go to such places. ‘Ganga Cauvery’ is the first South Indian film to shoot at very risky high altitude places.

What is the over all experience for you?
I have obtained the experience of making three to four films. I have done the work of a light boy, make up man, lifted the weights at places and took charge as manager too. There was some delay due to the three seasons the film demanded. The snow fall ice cold season, the lush greenery and bright scorching sun light took lot of time for the shooting. On the screen we have not done cheating of any scenes. The definite attitude always goes for reality.

For a new producer is there any support from the Industry especially when risk is more?
The media support is very good first. Then the industry as a whole should support newcomers like me for quick and easy shooting. Getting permissions to shoot is a head ache. When we get ready for a particular spot to shoot the problems are posed. Spending on the whole unit without doing any work should not come for the producer.

What do you say about your son Akshay performance?
He has struggled, learnt so many things and put his complete effort. For his brilliant effort he should get a break from this film. The blessings of God and the audience is also important.

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