Posted date: 20/August/2009

Arjun Sarja making it very big in Tamil filmdom returning back with a big bang in the introduction of third generation of actors from his family the grandson of Shakthi Prasad – Chiranjeevi Sarja for him Arjun is Sodhara Mava that means Arjun’s ‘Thangi Maga’ – there was very neat arrangement and contemporaries of Shakthi Prasad and Kishore Sarja – father and brother of Arjun respectively spoke on the caliber, quality and good nature.

It was at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan on Monday evening first it was Rajesh the veteran remembered another veteran Shakthi Prasad who happened to be his ‘Bigaru’. Rajesh working in two capacities meeting the physical instruction trainer JC Ramaswamy in Fort High School invited him for a play and later for a cinema. But before that Ramaswamy had acted in HM Nayaka, Badshah theatre plays. It was from ‘Karaga Shakthi’ Ramaswamy name became ‘Shakthi Prasad’ but the film did not release. It was Immadi Pulakeshi the launch pad of Shakthi Prasad recalled Rajesh. It was in ‘Kaliyuga’ I and Shakthi Prasad played ‘Bigaru’ roles and it happened to be real in real life. It was one and half years after his death my daughter Asharani married Arjun son of Shakthi Prasad.

Rajesh urged his son in law Arjun to dedicate this film to Kishore Sarja who died even before seeing the light of the film. He asked the new comer Chiranjeevi Sarja to inculcate all qualities and become a mega star Chiranjeevi in profession.

Actor Dwarakish remembered the horse riding situation in Cow Boy Kulla Kannada film. Shakthi Prasad with four others fell down from the horse and Shakthi Prasad screamed at me. But next scene he came up riding the horse. Arjun is ‘Thandege Thakka Maga’ and ‘Thande Miriso Maga’ lauded Dwarakish.

Srinivasamurthy another veteran remembered the Challakere days of stage plays with Shakthi Prasad and sung the song Kannu Muchchuva Munna…..Kannu Thereyiranna…..

National award wining music director and lyricist Hamsalekha was asked to speak on Kishore Sarja but he was invited to speak on Arjun. Baffled Hamsalekha said brothers are both same for me. Hamsalekha pointed to the restlessness and anger of Kishore Sarja because he wanted to see his brother in the big league of Tamil filmdom.

The five paisa episode what Hamsalekha narrated actor producer and director Arjun completed it in his speech. I am stepping in my life from what my father taught said Arjun.

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