Posted date: 4/March/2010

There are no stories. Stories are over for films. We have to stitch stories or rather screenplay from the real life happenings. We should make the audience feel that such a thing is real and close to their hearts. When the happenings in life are in reverse swing what one should do? ‘Jackie’ knows about what to do. He faces such turmoil of others and gives satisfactory reply.

The film ‘Jackie’ starring No.1 star of Kannada cinema Puneeth Rajakumar the film by No.1 production house went on the floors on Wednesday morning at Kanteerava studios. Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar and some of the top film industry personnel attended the muhuruth.

After watching ‘Dhuniya’ we thought of making a film with director Soori and it was the wish of Puneeth Rajakumar too materializing after two years. When the thread of the film was explained it appeared to be interesting. In six months the full script got shaped up for ‘Jackie’. The script moves along with the dialogues and no compromise for anything in this film. The film making is trial and error system even if it is 1000 films. Appu – Puneeth Rajakumar has done only 13 films and we cannot say everything is new and every scene is fresh. Carrying the audience for two and half hours interestingly is what most important today said Raganna.

The protagonist ‘Jackie’ is naughty. He is like the most wanted. We are traveling in a vehicle like how consider the driver who has life of everyone in hand, similar is ‘Jackie’. He is the most trustworthy person. Director Soori feeling pride for the most wanted hero of Kannada cinema coming to him for direction recalled the Shawl of Dr.Rajakumar bestowed on him by the family members. Soori remembered his mother, Dhuniya producer TP Siddaraju, Kalamandira and his Yogaraj Bhat on this occasion.

We feel something but it happens something in life. The film doles out the dreams of life. There are 9 to 10 characters in this film. In 95 days the shooting will be held in Bangalore, Mysore and Gujarat surroundings.

This is yet another immensely liked script said Puneeth Rajakumar. I hope I would live up to the expectations of director Soori said Puneeth Rajakumar. I have seen in his ‘Dhuniya’ and ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’ – the aesthetic elements are good in those films.

Actress Bhavana of Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil feels it is the right launch. She has similarity of her ‘Veil’ film in ‘Jackie’. When I was doing homely roles I got a different one from Pavada Dhavani in ‘Asal’. In Jackie I play simple and innocent girl said Bhavana.

Three songs are ready and it is easy job for me said music director V Harikrishna. The search is very less in the reputed banner film complimented the ace music director.

Satya Hegde is the cameraman.

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