Posted date: 23 Sun, Jun 2013 10:21:53 AM

It is a father and son combination taking the Kannada film ‘Teenage’ to the universe. That is right to the maximum extent. Except in India the worldwide audience can go through the film ‘Teenage’ in their home theatre or in computers making use of the internet medium.

Mayoor is taking care of this whole process. ‘Teenage’ film will be made available on a payment of 5 $ and it is for one time viewing of the film. The promotion work has already stated. Each booking is given 72 hours time to view the film. Mayoor giving explanation on the whole process stated that the previous attempt has given over 1500 bookings in Telugu and Tamil. This Kannada film with Kishan as prodigy of the Indian cinema industry would fetch good audience worldwide he feels.

This is digital marketing and some of the verifications have to be cleared by the people who book the film. The piracy is not possible for this type of viewing feels Mayoor. He is expecting good viewership for this ‘Teenage’.

Producer cum director Shrikanth showing brilliantly made songs on the screen at Green House Raj Milan stated that we were talking all these days and today we are showing in short what we have done. The release of ‘Teenage’ will be on July 12 or 19. This is a ‘Like’ story not a ‘Love’ story he says. This is a film with Guinness world record as one song in eight cameras is shot with 15,122 children participating in many districts of Karnataka.

Master Kishan who is Mr Kishan today says it was thrill in doing editing and acting for the film. Learning scuba and participating in underwater song was very interesting. The editor in me helped while shooting for my father direction stated Kishan. It is a confusion or infatuation age – all about ‘Teenage’ he says.

PVL Shetty old horse is of the opinion that the film is already a winner. That is because of high quality put in and Kishan in the film.

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