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Rocking star Yash was in flashback mood. That also linked to the title ‘Obirayana Kathe’ poster he released on the invitation of his friend Rajesh Nataranga.

Yash wishing good luck to the title ‘Obirayana Kathe’ went to his days of ‘Priti Illada Mele’ TV serial. I was able to learn so much from Rajesh Nataranga, Achyuth Kumar and Anant Nag sir. In fact Rajesh Nataranga is hero behind the screen. He has good potential. I feel he would be director one day stated Yash. My friend Rajesh has wonderful patience stated Yash.

Rajesh Nataranga hero of the film ‘Obirayana Kathe’ immensely thanked Yash for his presence. On why he did not become hero, he said he does not have qualities of hero like Yash who is internationally famous today was his humble submission. Rajesh Nataranga plays the still photographer in this film. There is love angle too.

Obirayana Kathe is in the production Shyam Anoor. He met director Vinay Shastry at Ranga Shankara and his urge to make a film continued strongly.

Vinay Shastry academically qualified with his own team, working in Goldman Aks, Karnataka Bank starting his own VASP team ten years ago prepared the script in the last eight months with his friend Venu Hasralli. The first actor struck to his mind was Rajesh Nataranga and next was Dattanna.

Datanna said ‘Enu Helohagilla’ – that is because director took promise from him. There is something to hold. It is not that easy to get acceptance from me he mentioned.

Raghu Dixit is scoring music and also acting in a prominent role. He accepted to act after he ate four Sabudan Vada at Rangashankara in a chat with director Vinay Shastry. In ten years 14 films failing in music, Love Mocktail is a hit and hope to do well he stated.

Chaitra Achara was impressed with the story narration of her portion by director Vinay Shastry.
The film ‘Obirayana Kathe’ went on the floors on Thursday.

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