Posted date: 07 Wed, Oct 2020 04:30:57 PM

This is the IPL season! According to it some match their assignments to garner good publicity. Among such persons is director cum actor Srini alias MG Srinivas.

MG Srinivas for his ‘Old Monk’ publicity has made a song ‘Chennai Super King MAVA and Royal Challengers ALIYA a video song that will be released on Saturday, 9th of October in You Tube. This song is sure to give a good talking for the film.

Old Monk starring Srini and Adhiti Prabhudeva also has Sihikahi Chandru, Sujai Shastry, Kala Samrat S Narayan, Aruna Balaraj and others. The schedule of shooting commenced from 10th of September 2020.

Old Monk is about a person who comes from Swarga Loka to ‘Boo Loka’. The situations he faces in this Kaliyug is told in a very funny style by director MG Srinivas.

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