Posted date: 06 Sat, Jul 2019 01:28:35 PM

The happy birthday boy Prajwal Devaraj – today is his birthday is having joyous time in his career. Yesterday 2nd trailer of his film ‘Inspector Vikram’ was released at Taj Vivanta Hotel and today at Renukamba Digital Theatre ‘Gentleman’ of new director is releasing teaser.

Prajwal Devaraj at 30 is in his 30th film ‘Inspector Vikram’ – this has nothing to do with the same title film of Dr Shivarajakumar in Dinesb Baboo direction.

On Wednesday night the prestigious Bagpiper announced its association with the film ‘Inspector Vikram’ made in Rs.8 crore budget. Bagpiper had earlier associated with ‘Chowka’ Kannada cinema that ran for 100 days.

Vikhyaat Films Vikhyat is producer of this film and he has plans to release the film in October this year. Devendra Reddy is the backbone for the investment. Prajwal Devaraj in his 12 years of career has donned the inspector role for the first time. He is jovial but attentive in his work. The promotion of this film from Bagpiper was possible because of a social content in the film says Prajwal. It is an easy going role, Bhavana Menon is female lead in the film.

Challenging star Darshan is in a special role and another special role is played by handsome actor Raghu Mukherjee. According to Raghu Mukherjee the director is very confident and he got this offer through Anoop Seelin music director of the film.  Sri Narasimha is making debut as director says it is a jovial, romantic humor filled cinema.

Naveen Kumar got applaud for his cinematography technique, Anoop Seelin music director preparing five tunes. He waited for eight months to his violin bit that is used in the film trailer released on Wednesday.  Anoop seelin delivered the debut film Prajwal ‘Sixer’ film song and today he is music director for his film.

Harish Komme is editor of this film. Bhavana Menan ‘Bengaluru Sose’ was not present at the second trailer launch of the film ‘Inspector Vikram’.

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