Posted date: 19/November/2008

The ‘Maha Kulla’ of Kannada cinema the one and only Dwarakish as a maker of 50 films and director 25 films in Kannada the comedian reaching such heights and losing Rs.35 crores is perhaps the only Indian film maker. For the whopping returns ‘Aptha Mithra’ sequel that is planned now producer and actor Dwarakish is not raising any objections. I would give complete freedom to Krishnakumar and I am not interested if a role is offered in that sequel film said Dwarakish. Apparetly ‘Aptha Mithra’-II is the 200th film of Dr.Vishnuvardhana.

Is it possible to get another Soundarya? I don’t say she is only responsible for the success. Even Vishnuji is also responsible and many contributed for the success. I always say success has many reasons, many claimers Dwarakish informed from his experience.

To give something bigger than Aptha Mithra is difficult. In my case the film next to successful one always failed. After Nee Baredhara Kadambari, after Shruthi I have made very casually ran for silver jubilees. The next films after these failed miserably worries me even to this day. That is because after Aptha Mithra success I have to take up one more means the past experience haunts me says Dwarakish.

Dwarakish has suddenly become busy in acting. He has seven films on hand. I am getting payment. I am having good respect. Anyone give me direction I am ready to take up. My health is not extremely good. If I work for two days I have to take three days rest. All the way life is going smooth says Dwarakish.

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