Posted date: 10 Wed, Aug 2011 ? 11:12:14 AM

Producer, Exhibitor and Distributor Kumar MN struck in Rs.6 crores burden from ‘Soorya and Chandra’ of Kannada cinema is still smiling and he is back after a long hiatus as producer from ‘Bhadra’.

Kumar known for hard work and scaling heights step by step is releasing ‘Bhadra’ on August 12 as the much expected Kannada film ‘Jogaiah’ is postponed for either 19 or 26th of August.

I was ready with theatre set up and it may go up to 120 theatres for ‘Bhadra’ all over Karnataka. With 15 prints and 100 theatres will have satellite screening says Kumar. It is just Rs.20 lakhs from 100 theatres for satellite screening. The print would have cost me Rs.55 lakhs he says. The rental for satellite is also on the basis of weekly. For all the 100 theatres per week it comes to Rs.9 lakhs. For outright it is Rs.20 lakhs is the calculation. Going for 55 prints and accommodating it in the go down is problematic for any producer says Kumar.

The running of Mr Duplicate of Prajwal, another film coming this week and Jogaiah planned in another two weeks would affect ‘Bhadra’. I am taking 10 theatres where Mr Duplicate is running and I have to give at least 10 theatres when Jogaiah comes inform Kumar for a question.

The film Bhadra is better in all respects to the original film disclosed the villain of the film Mico Nagaraj. Prajwal also feels the film is 100 times better than the original. He remembered Sixer film of his debut while doing this film.

Director of the film Mahesh Rao made the right observation. The film ‘Bhadra’ is releasing on ‘Varamahalakshmi’ festival. Let Vara come to me and Lakshmi go to producer Kumar he mentioned.

Actress Daisy Shah first appearance in Kannada screen (she was seen as dancer in Encounter Dayanayak) is happy for the good role and atmosphere of work in her first film as heroine.

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