Posted date: 25/December/2009

Director Rajiv Krishna is caught up another message oriented film like his previous two blocked films ‘Kaliyugadha Thaali’ (he was producer) and ‘Shravanthi’. Like all youngsters Rajiv Krishna expressed the inbuilt feeling for the constructive society via his new film ‘Cinema Alla Real Story’. He is throwing light on the six Arishadvargas (Six foes of human being – Lust, anger, greed, attachment, arrogance and envy) = Kama, Krodha, Moha, Madha Matsara and Loba – 3M’s , 2K’s and one L. He is caught up with six incidents to support the six Arishadvargas! He has quoted one incident happened in Raichur – an intelligent child was killed by jealousy.

Rajiv Krishna is shooting in Kolar beginning on January 1 and moves on to cotton city Daganagere. Gollahalli Shivaprasad the last year state award winner for his song Jhana Jhana Kanchanadalli Americada Lanchanadalli (sung by now ailing C.Ashwath) is playing the professor role with Hemasri who is a lecturer in the film.

KMC Steel industrialist Mohammad Zabiulla is the producer. He knows the success is in the hands of almighty. Rajiv Krishna given reading of four stories to him. Finally he selected this message filled cinema script.

Ramesh Koira is the cameraman and LN Goochi is tuning only one song for the film. Mohammad Rafiq, Mohan, Shanker, Joseph, Nithya are also in the cast.

I am taking the budge of Rs.65 lakhs from producer and assure him the return promised director Rajiv Krishna. All the best Rajiv Krishna avare!

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