Posted date: 2/October/2008

Imagine Golden Star Ganesh underneath the moving train that is in 50 kilometers speed that too for 150 meters of tunnel area. It is a chilling experience for the whole team of ‘Circus’. Ganesh tied with a rope in the front side of the train with his legs on the break with the help of a strong pin experienced this for the film that was composed by stunt director Ravi Verma. This was shown to the media in a portable camera. But the particular scene was shot with the help of three cameras says Golden star Ganesh explaining his difficult portions in the film.

In another important scene Golden star jumps from one bogey to another when the train was moving at 40 kilometers. This is another chilling moment I was holding my breath. When cameraman Shekar Chandru said one more for this shot Ganesh was the most disappointed person.

The dangerous portions in the moving train takes place in the Gandhada Gudi Express that runs in a restricted area for the film as prescribed by the Southern Railway Department. In the cinema ‘Circus’ it is Bangalore to Mangalore train via Mysore – the travel of train in Belagona, Sagara Katte and KR Nagar was captured for the film. The polish I received from Yogaraj Bhat camp has helped me a lot says Dayal addressing the media.

For the 20 days shoot booking the 10 bogeys and shooting in a hectic schedule Dayal Padmanabhan spent 60 lakhs for this portion in which 18 lakhs he has to get return from the Railway Department that is a security deposit. One of the staff of the Railway Department Chandru is also acting in the supporting role of this film.

Giving detail information one after the other in a speedy style that too standing in the moving train Dayal said he had to pay the insurance premium of Rs.1.65 lakhs for Rs.19.5 crore insurance he took for this schedule. Without this insurance nothing is cleared to shoot pointed Dayal. In the third schedule he is moving to Austria and Germany to shoot two songs for the film ‘Circus’.

Dayal Pictures that was launched from this film is confident of reaching ‘Circus’ to the bench mark of ‘Burning Train’ and ‘Sholay’ that had train as the major element in the film.

Emotion burst out from Dayal at one point of time for the great cooperation received from 150 regular and 300 extra artists for the film shooting. The seven years dream had been completed in 20 days.

The dream of shooting like this has been fulfilled. The will power of Ganesh is very important in such dangerous scenes capturing said Raviverma the stuntman.

Four cameras and Jimmy Jip cameras have been pressed in to action to capture the shots in various angles says cameraman Shekar Chandru who says this is a real circus to capture ‘Circus’ in the camera.

Journalist turned actor of small and big screen Yathiraj also feels it is a great ‘Circus’ indeed to shoot. Yathiraj our colleague plays the role of RPF (Reserved Police Force) inspector in the film.

Actress Archana Gupta is carrying good memories of ‘Circus’ shooting with her. Going back to hotel room I am with the train sound in my mind recalled Archana Gupta looking gorgeous with her outfits.

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