Posted date: 9/February/2010

Come 12th February the fun filled, two competitive actors the best of the state Ananthnag and Ramesh Aravind, the 50th film of veteran B Ramamurthy, the debut of producer Ravi Joshi in ‘Lav Kush’ banner is hitting the screens all over Karnataka. The best part is that the film ‘Crazy Kutumba’ has prepared the audiences all over Karnataka as the team visited well before the release in prominent places of the state. The Marathi film ‘Dhe Dhakka’ is made with sound production values too.

The film has lovely music from Rickey Kej the brilliant performances admirable cinematography by Mallikarjun, editing from Narahalli Gnanesha, art direction from T Srinivas. The cast of the film besides versatile Ananthnag and Ramesh Aravind is pretty interesting. Sana, Rajanikanth, Veera Shanker, Dhanya, Umesh, Kari Basavaiah, Chindodi Vijay Kumar, Harish are in the travelogue story of a family from Northern Karnataka.

This is the film that has the northern Karnataka accent of Kannada. The members of a family travel from north to Bangalore city unravel the aspirations. The child that wants to take part in the reality show is also an eye opener although the entire narration is fun filled.

Rickey Kej has used four popular lyrics and given new tunes. It is an honest effort according to him. Actress Sana is in proud feeling because she has got appreciation from an actor cum director Ramesh Aravind. A house wife strength audience would know from watching this film she vouches.

Comedy actor Vijakumar Chindodi says he always says ‘Idhu Nanage Hidsodilla Nodrappa’. This is a variety film the difficulty is rolled in happiness. Rajanikanth another comedian is always doing some burglary. He even steals a person at one stage. Bank Janardhan is the one who supports with letters. Harish and Veera Shanker are also in notable roles.

Producer Joshi brother in law of Ramesh Aravind is content with the information given by his colleagues in this film. He is releasing the film on 12th February 2010.

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