Posted date: 5/February/2010

On Thursday afternoon at Green House Raj Milan it was tough peddling for ‘Cycle’ Kannada film director and actor Shivarjun who is also known as ‘Agni’ and Prakash.

It is not because Shivarjun said he has underworld connection in Mandya as Prakash but because of the statement he had written: Take a look at it – Kanoonu Viruddha Horata Madi Kaveri Kodsu Anthale…Kashmira Keledhre Kodisthineno….Keltha Irodhu Kaverina…Thaayi Laadi Bichcho Kelsa Agalla antha Avalige Hege Helali….

The last line was very irritating and Shivarjun was asked to remove the posters. Producer Ramesh P Reddy coming to the rescue apologized and said mistake would be corrected.

Producer Reddygaru says the mistake he committed for ‘Bhaktha’ is not followed here in this movie. For Rs.80 lakh investment of his earlier movie he has made recovery. The television rights itself fetched Rs.25 lakhs for him. For his second film he has invested already R.1.25 crores.

However Shivarjun second film as hero after ‘Bhaktha’ has completed shoot in 37 days. The post production work is in progress. According to cameraman Cine Tech Soori the fourth film of his has good story. Kumar is playing the villain in this film.

Harshika Ponnacha the bubbly heroine who is in the 5th semester of Electrical and Electronics engineering is playing the Muslim girl in this film.

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