Posted date: 27/December/2008

‘Akka Thangi’ did not become ‘Anna Thangi’ in the box office! It is almost the smile and cry situation for producer Ramesh Yadav of ‘Akka Thangi’ that received rave reviews. It is true that I am not in profits (for that I have a few films lined up for release Kencha of Prajwal Devaraj, Darshan as Boss and Janumadha Janumadhallu of Premkumar) but not in loss says the producer who made a meaningful cinema in the direction of S. Mahender. I have obtained ‘Dhairya and Nambike’ from this particular film that is the 16th production from Ramesh Yadav Movies says Yadav.

With no profit and no loss situation it is a feel of high relief for Ramesh Yadav because he received very spectacular reviews from the media. According to his memory it is only after ‘Beladingala Baale’ (of versatile actor Ananthnag and dexterous Sunilkumar Desai) media has given one uniform report that is very good. There has been no mixed response even from the audience says Yadav. When I did Baraguru Ramchandrappa directorial ventures Kshama, Shanthi and again a commercial venture ‘Thayi Illadha Thabbali’ I received the same satisfaction. Via good reports it is possible to reach the awards at the state and national level is the opinion of Yadav.

Meanwhile he has arranged free show of ‘Akka Thangi’ to 1000 garment factory employees and on a nominal fee to the 250 students and 25 plus teaching faculty of Panchajanya Vidyapeetha High School and College girl students. I have done this again because the contents and message in the film is so good. I have approached the Education department to give permission so that the government schools and college students could make use of this purposeful cinema says Yadav.

The Chitratara.com that took part in free sale of tickets also received tremendous response. On the last two Sundays nearly 500 plus spectators saw the film. Ramesh Yadav has specially thanked the Chitratara.com Editor Mr R.Manohar.

The veterans like Dr.B Saroja Devi, Dr.Jayamala, Jayanthi, Anu Prabhakar, Pragna and others have given excellent opinion on the film ‘Akka Thangi’.

The complete credit for ‘Akka Thangi’ should go to director S.Mahender. Give me only cash so that I can make many more such purposeful cinema says Yadav. The film that has completed four weeks in Tribhuvan as on 25th December will move to Kailash theatre on 2nd January 2009. The idea of the producer to release in one theatre in each district has clicked.

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