Posted date: 8/December/2008

At the audio release of second film direction ‘Birugali’ of famous choreographer Harsha announcement came one after the other. A poet can write anything like wise a choreographer can do any film work said noted writer Jayanth Kaikini, actor Chetan would have more girls following him was the observation of Swarna audio proprietor Naveen, Thara declared that actor Chetan is the new ‘He Man’ of Kannada cinema, producer Manoj Patil informed that is convinced with neat work of director Harsha, actor Chetan said the whole film is a new experience for everyone and Harsha’s dedication, energy, inspiration are mainly responsible…….

The audio release of ‘Birugali’ had such pleasant statements from the lead persons but Harsha had something different to say in his cool and clean explanation of the film so far. Difficulty in making is not the issue but the love and affection from everyone is main qualifying factor he said. The story he had written five years ago is his ‘Birugali’ today. He urged the media to give the same support he got for his maiden film ‘Geleya’.

The six pack of Chetan (of Aa Dinagalu fame), the chilling action scene on Sea shot for seven days, looking for locations for six days in Malaysia for a song, actress Thara’s daring effort, her beautiful acting, Sithara and Karishma’s lively presence all added up he said. For the 10 percent what I have shown cameraman of repute HC Venu has put 100 percent effort. Music director Arjun has given very fine tunes and Hoovina Bana….song will be another Yee Sanje Yaakagidhe…of Geleya said Harsha in Harsha.

For a song like Anisuthide Yeno Indhu….the need of choreographer proved its requirement is correct. The choreographer Harsha I have seen was moving with lot of girls and doing something with lot of energy. The obsession, passion and energy in his profession are brilliant appreciated writer Jayanth Kaikini.

Actress Sithara was looking to take part in a song like Yee Sanje Yakagidhe….after seeing Harsha’s ‘Geleya’ is convinced because the song ‘Hoovina Baana….shot is in the similar range. Karishma another bubbly actress was surprised with the youthfulness of Harsha and looking at actress Thara she said ‘Madam looked after me like a mother’.

The most wanted music director Gurukiran who released the audio album of music director Arjun said he is in the ‘Geleyara Balaga’ today. Music composer Arjun has tuned seven songs and said Gurukiran is the key inspiration for him. Taking correct tunes and shot extremely well director Harsha and cameraman Venu have done excellent job lauded music director Arjun.

The happiness was also found from producer Manoj Patil who has invested huge amount on the film ‘Birugali’. After watching ‘Geleya’ and ‘Aa Dinagalu’ he thought of making a film with Harsha and Chetan combination.

There are 10 songs in the audio album of ‘Birugali’ but there will be only seven on the screen. Two are bonus songs and one is the theme song.

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