Posted date: 1/December/2008

Very rarely the attributions from the actors fit to the T. giving crowns and hesitantly accepting it is something part of the artist’s life. Here is a right attribution from the right artist at the right time. Actress Shruthi disclosed that she is ‘Manasina Nayaki’ not ‘Kanasina Naayaki’ I don’t want anything more than this. The perfect statement from Shruthi came after the media saw her film ‘Akka Thangi’. By pointing to Manasina Nayaki did Shruthi took her colleague to the comparison? It appeared that she made the statement spontaneously.

Pointing to her role she said I am director actor. Every imagination of director I have to meet the need. In this film firstly the hero is story. A producer like Ramesh Yadav coming forward for this kind of film is something memorable said Shruthi.

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