Posted date: 20 Fri, Jan 2012 ? 04:04:08 PM

A cameraman of high reputation declining the National geography assignments since a few years S Krishna has introduced the ‘Master Prime’ lenses for the first time to Kannada cinema. This high tech quality lenses from Germany are used in Hindi films and Dr Kamal Hassan is using for ‘Vishwaroopam’ Tamil film.

The Master Prime lenses rent for 65 days of shooting for ‘Lucky’ Kannada cinema of Radhika Kumaraswamy starring Ramya and Yash cost Rs.5 lakhs plus to the producers says Krishna. When I approached Radhika Madam on this new introduction within seconds she agreed and said it is for good of our film you are using, go ahead was the signal.

What better a technician can ask from such an understanding producer. For the product Radhika Kumaraswamy also from Kannada cinema industry made the right judgments for the film opines Krishna.

Meanwhile S Krishna has declined the assignments for capturing the species of Karnataka forest region from National Geographic team for the fourth time in five years span. He was extended the offer after he showed the ‘Jog Falls’ in Mungaru Male. The good films coming to me has tied me down here. If I have to go to National Geography assignment they insure me for the six months contract and I cannot work for a few days and comeback. The work I do is telecast after two years is another factor that I declined. There is enough money and professionalism is fantastic but things are going cool in Kannada cinema I am staying here says Krishna.

After ‘Mungaru Male’ he is back again in Yogaraj Bhat cinema ‘Drama’. He has worked in Maleyali Jotheyali, Hage Summane, Johny Mere Naam, Lucky and currently working for Jaanu and agreed for ‘Drama’ of Yogaraj Bhat.

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