Posted date: 19/March/2010

The very big actress of Kannada cinema Shruthi has returned to acting as an illiterate woman in ‘Mayadhantha Male’ a debut direction of Veeresh Doddaballapur.

As a woman who has seen life from the experience she guides the educated class in the film is a well thought script and screenplay that has driven Shruthi to accept this role. A performer would love to do this kind of role. ‘MM’ going to be another good film in my career says Shruthi. In a humor dose the narration of Shruthi is sketched.

As husband of Shruthi is Sharat Babu the stylish looking actor who says the film is interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. I did not have daughter in real life but the one in the film I feel I should have had in real life said Babugaru.

Director Veeresh Doddaballapur with good track record even in the dialogue department working as associate for various directors in his career has compared the life to ‘Maaya’ and ‘Male’ to happiness. The shower is a greeting in life. The difficulty in life is to get uprooted means one should have happiness of rain he says. He has penned the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film.

Ravi Chetan plays the doctor with good deeds; Nag Kiran an MBA student has immensely liked the twists in the film. It is similar to Krishna Vamshi style he pointed. Roopika is another charmer in the film is hopeful of message and good experience for the audience.

Producer Keramalu Badri in his debut film is already up with five more scripts wants to continue his film production even if nine of his films are flops. He was unhappy for some of the stars declining to act in his banner. So I went for artists he said.

Honnavalli Krishna the talented and experienced has accepted his 493rd film in which he plays only for half a day.

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