Posted date: 10 Wed, Apr 2019 09:12:06 AM

"First Bench Students know how to score marks, but the last benchers know how to face Life" This saying has literally come true in the life of Samarth Naik an Engineering graduate who used to harbour a dream of making movies as he use to attend lectures at the Engineering College not much interested in doing a job after graduation. He completed his Engineering and then his MBA. All the while he nurtured his dream of movie making. Even during his Engineering & MBA Days he used to sit in cinemas during weekends and watch movies back to back to learn the art of movie making, he also learnt lot of things from YouTube videos. After his MBA, he joined as an employee in MNCs but his dream would not let him rest. He started learning the ABC of film making, made a movie script, did short films.

He was not a person to enjoy 9 to 5 job, he always wanted to do something remarkable.

One day Samarth has decided to do something and quit his job, & started his own Ad Film Production house, SGN Entertainment. Till date he has directed and produced more than 300 quality Ad films, now SGN Entertainment is one of successful ad film companies in Bangalore. After garnering some money and without any financial support he reinvested his money in his debut film making project, 'MOKSHA'. The film is slated to hit the theaters in the month of April this year.

The movie is surely going to be loved by audiences as today people look for good content and that is what the movie 'Moksha' promises. You can expect a good Suspense Thriller and a captivating story line that will keep you on the edges of your seats the whole time. The movie has been made with attention to minute details and surely will be a treat to movie lovers.

Samarth says "If one has a real passion for movies or anything else, one should never lose it, we all have one life and we should make a plan that will help us to achieve our dreams"

Moksha is slated to hit the theatres in June.

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