Posted date: 9/February/2010

There is more news on ‘Mylari’ the title of this film is in the hands of ‘Ashwini Productions’ and Malavalli Saikrishna penned the story. Ashwini Ramprasad has promised that Saikrishna will be directing it. This is one part of the story.

The interesting part of ‘Mylari’ that will be taken up by RS Productions Kanakapura Srinivas the 99th film of hat trick hero Shivarajakumar will be in the direction of ‘Taj Mahal’ Chandru is a sure shot news.

Keeping aside the information that was passed by Malavalli Saikrishna that it will be his definitely there is news from R Chandru the script for the film ‘Mylari’ is impressive for Shivarjakumar. That will be his 99th film and Shivarajakumar wants this to be a great film. Gurukiran is taking up the music in this month end.

Shivarajakumar has signed the agreement on Monday say R Chandru. He is booked up to 104 films. The 101 of Shivarjakumar is ‘Punyavantha’ in the direction of Dr Nagendra Prasad a lyricist cum director of Kannada cinema.

Either Trisha or of her standard and range will be the heroine for Shivarajakumar.

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