Posted date: 24/December/2009

The veteran exhibitor and businessman Tallam Nanjunda Shetty is the first person to join hands with the Kannada producer to implement the percentage system of sharing the revenue from the collection. The percentage system comes in to effect in Karnataka from 1st January 2010.

For January 1, 2010 Kannada film release in ‘Bhumika’ theatre Tallam Nanjunda Shetty the owner of the theatre has come to terms with producer cum director of ‘Police Quarters’ AMR Ramesh.

According to the agreement the first week is 60 percent for producer and 40 percent for the exhibitor. In the second week it is 55 percent for producer and 45 percent for exhibitor and in the third week it is 50:50. The fourth week is above Rs.2 lakhs collection in the theatre is for the producer.

The fourth week it has to earn a minimum of Rs.2 lakh to continue in the theatre. AMR Ramesh shot in to fame from his second film ‘Cyanide’ the state award winning film (first film Santosha and third film Minchina Ota doomed) is independently releasing the film without any distributor help.

‘Police Quarters’ is made in Kannada and Tamil simultaneously. The percentage system has come as a big help for a producer like me and my courage increased with such system says AMR Ramesh.

When AMR Ramesh placed his film ‘Police Quarters’ in Gandhinagar no one came to take for distribution. Where as for the same film Tamil version there were many takers ready to give advance of Rs.5 to 10 lakhs says Ramesh. He intends to release the Tamil version of ‘Police Quarters’ on January 29.

Meanwhile the television rights for ‘Police Quarters’ has fetches more than half a crore for AMR Ramesh. He has sold the rights to the prominent middleman Mahesh Kothari in Bangalore.

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